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Standards Certification

Of all the information we provide on this website relating to our Matrix treatment systems, this is probably the most important to understand, so that a more fully informed decision can be made when comparing with other products available.
It is now a requirement that all treatment plant manufacturers have their products independently tested and certified to a common European standard, BSEN12566- Part3, with which we fully agree and support. However, bless the Europeans or the technical standards committees involved, the resulting standard and its implementation by the regulating authorities is so vague and haphazard that it is of absolutely no use at all to anyone trying to make an informed buying decision, based on quality of performance and structural behaviour, unless you know the right questions to ask.

BSEN12566-Part3 applies to all treatment plant manufacturers and covers the range of treatment plants from single house units, generally 6 person, up to and including the 50 person unit. The smallest unit in the range is process tested, as this would be likely to suffer more from incoming flow variations and the largest unit (50 person) is tested for structural integrity, as again, the larger unit would be considered to be more susceptible to adverse ground conditions.

This is all good sensible stuff so far, but brace yourself!
For the process test, (i.e. to see how well it works), there is no definitive pass or fail. The results achieved during the test procedure are expressed as an average efficiency percentage on the final certificate. Therefore, every manufacturer who has undertaken the testing can legitimately claim to be certified to BSEN12566-3, regardless of how well or badly their unit performed !!

In general terms, for a treatment plant to achieve the normal minimum effluent discharge quality required by the Environment Agency, it should have achieved an efficiency percentage of better than 94%. There are treatment plant manufacturers proudly proclaiming that their unit achieves "better than 90% efficiency". Is it me or are they really saying "look ! Our unit doesn't work very well!" Regrettably, the only way you can obtain information in respect of the process efficiency of any treatment plant is to ask the manufacturer themselves for a copy of their actual test certificate, NOT their certificate of conformity which is about as informative as a flat-pack furniture assembly manual and as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike! DO SO, it will be in your interest.

DO NOT accept statements like “complies with the requirements of……..” or “manufactured to the requirements of……”, it’s a bit of a giveaway!

Our own process test result was 96.2% making the Matrix system an industry leading treatment plant and we are not shy with our information. You can download a copy of our certificate from this site.

Now to the structual test... If you thought the process test was confusing, you might need to get a drink now!!
BSEN12566-3 requires that to comply fully with the legislation, a manufacturer has to structurally test their 50 person unit. However, (here we go), some manufacturers have not had their unit structurally tested, so, to claim full compliance or certification, is this being economical with the truth? Also, (and this is where it gets really confusing), as we were told by the test facility, we could determine which was the largest unit in our 'range' if we did not want to go to the expense of shipping a large 50 person unit for it to be crushed to oblivion.

This in theory meant that we could have determined our 18person unit as being the 'largest' in the range, or even the smallest unit, which was process tested.
However, if for the sake of argument we say we had the smallest unit structurally tested, this means that, technically, all the other units in the range are not certified to BSEN12566-3 and, as such, if and when this standard is applied more vigorously by the authorities, the manufacturers' in question will not be able to legitimately sell these products? (We wait in curious anticipation!)

Furthermore, (and this is pretty much the icing on the cake from the technical committees), the standard structural test as required by BSEN12566-3 only certifies that the unit is suitable for installation in completely dry ground conditions.

Given that the majority of installations in the UK are in ground conditions where there is a water table present, does this mean there are very few, if any, (with the obvious exception of us, naturally) , treatment plants that can be supplied with the full and valid certification.

As ludicrous as it sounds, the structural test for groundwater conditions is entirely optional!

We do not like to be immodest, but in line with our commitment to total product quality and to customer satisfaction, our 50 person unit was fully structurally tested, including for groundwater conditions and it passed with flying colours. Again, we are not frightened to hide our results which are available to download should you so wish.
To make an accurate comparative judgement between our product and that of another manufacturer, ask them for their test results and make sure you get the full results.

All Matrix treatment plants in the range from 6pe to 50pe are fully tested and certified in complete compliance with BSEN12566-3 for both process performance and structural integrity, including for installation in conditions where groundwater is present we are justly proud of our commitment to total product quality, but concerned that some customers could be misled by clever marketing by other manufacturers.