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Matrix International

100pe Permanently Containerised
Clenviro Ltd have extensive experience of the design and manufacture of sewage treatment systems for export and installation in all parts of the world.
Together with all the benefits of the MATRIX sewage treatment system, we can additionally design and build systems to fit standard shipping containers in order to keep shipping costs to a minimum, such that even on large applications (5000 people +) the systems are modularised so that they can be simply connected together for installation and operation purposes as a ‘plug and play’ application. Whatever the requirement, we will design and manufacture our systems to make the best, most efficient use of shipping space. The MATRIX sewage treatment system has been supplied throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

Options available are:

  • Standard Systems for ‘in ground’ installation
  • Freestanding Above Ground Systems
  • Permanently Containerised Systems for use as mobile systems generally supplied for work camps, mining and oil field exploration and similar applications.
  • All systems can be supplied with tertiary treatment to allow for final effluent re-use.
    150pe Mobile Treatment Plant
    Shipment awaiting export
    Export 200pe