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This page is designed to help you get the best out of your Matrix Sewage Treatment System. Maintenance information can be found in the OPERATION & MAINTENANCE manual in the download section. The Matrix is a purely biological process which, while extremely efficient and resilient, can be adversely effected by certain aspects of day to day living as it is a small private system, unlike a major municipal works where there is significant dilution. The points highlighted here are not exhaustive and apply to any biological treatment plant. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, please contact us for further guidance.


  • Think before you put anything down the sink, toilet or drains.
  • Use cleaners and disinfectants in minimum quantities.
  • Use non – biological liquids not washing powders as liquids dissolve more readily
  • Ensure you follow recommended maintenance procedures
  • Ensure the drainage system is adequately ventilated. (see installation section)
  • Arrange to have the unit properly desludged at the required intervals


  • Turn the electricity supply or blower unit off
  • Allow surface water/rainwater or any ‘trade effluent’ to enter the system
  • Discharge high strength sterilants, garden chemicals, paint, engine oil, chip pan oil or photographic chemicals down the drain.
  • Have a weekly washday. Try to spread it out during the week.
  • Tamper, repair or modify the system in any way.
  • Put sanitary items, nappies, disposable wipes or anything similar down the drain
  • Empty unused medicines down the toilet.

In general terms you can use pretty much anything that can be purchased from the supermarket as long as it is used in sensible quantities. If there is a major discharge of chemicals or sterilants to the treatment plant it will kill off the very bacteria we need for the treatment process. While the plant will recover eventually, there will be a period where a sub standard effluent will be discharged and, as the 'Operator', you are legally liable for the quality of that discharge.