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Introducing the Matrix – Topas Plus sewage treatment plant


Clenviro Ltd are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Matrix Treatment Plant range, the Matrix – Topas Plus.

The Matrix – Topas Plus has been specifically developed for applications where greatly reduced levels of Phosphates and Ammoniacal Nitrogen in the final discharge effluent are being demanded by the regulating authorities.

Independently tested and certified to EN12566-3+ A2:2014, the Matrix – Topas Plus achieves average final effluent qualities of less than 1mg/litre of both Phosphates and Ammoniacal Nitrogen.

Available in standard sizes from single house to 300 person (residential) applications, the Matrix – Topas Plus has an established track record where ‘Nutrient Neutrality’ is a requirement.


Please see the information sheet in our ‘Downloads’ section or contact us directly for further information.